Blog #2: Did you know...Floor Joist

What are they?   

            Floor trusses are the structural foundation for the second floor of your home. There are generally two types of floor joist systems: 1) I-beam floor system 2) open web floor system. Both systems are structurally sound. That is to say, you aren’t lacking if you use the I-Beam system. I-Beam systems have been successfully used for decades. However, the engineered open web floor system is superior in our opinion and preferred in certain use cases. 



            As with all things, the I-Beam system has its pros and cons. 



·     Strong 

·     Simple

·     Generally cheaper


·     Harder work in and around 

·     Must cut holes in the I-Beam to run wires and HVAC components 

·     Old Technology 



Open Web Floor Systems: 

            Some of the pros and cons for this system: 


·     The strongest solution available 

·     Easy to work in and around 

·     No removal of material required 

·     Most advanced building method 

·     Other trades (electrician, HVAC and plumbers) prefer these (reduces labor cost).


·     More Expensive 

·     More complex 


What do we use? 

We use both! Generally speaking we prefer to use the open web floor system because we believe it is superior in pretty much every way. That being said, when possible we will also use the I-Beam system to save a little money. Generally, that happens in the home’s garage. Garages usually carry less load than the rest of the home.